1. We are an informal writing group formed in October 1993 and known as Wordwrights.

2. The aim is to explore all aspects of the craft of writing, to exchange information and ideas, to study markets and offer constructive feedback and   mutual support.

3. The group shall meet on the first and third Thursday of each month, except August. The current venue is Titchfield Community Centre.

4.  We shall endeavour to invite two speakers each year at previously arranged fees covered by group funds.

5.  Visitors fees and conditions shall be decided by the Committee, currently £2.50 per meeting.

6.  Active participation of all members is encouraged.

7.  A Welcome Pack is to be given to each member on joining and their payment of first year or part year subscription. the pack will include general information such as a copy of the Constitution, an Assignment Schedule, Members contact list and any documents relevant at that time. Prior to joining, prospective members should be given one contact name and telephone number should they require further information.


1. A full compliment will be 12 members. This has been reduced due to the size of the room and the shorter time the group is allocated.

2.  The annual subscription shall be £10 (due in November) and £2 at each meeting attended, including the AGM. For prospective members the first meeting is free. They may then attend two further meetings, paying the normal contribution of £2  per meeting.

3. Should a prospective member then express a wish to join, this is to be discussed at Committee level. the Committee should ascertain in  advance of the discussion the feeling of all members as to the suitability of the applicant. Only after this process is completed should  the applicant be invited to join or told regretfully they are unable to be offered a place at this time.

4.  If a prospective member is invited to join, the following scale of fees for the first year will apply:

 Amyone joining between November (i.e. after the AGM.) and the beginning of May will pay the full fee of £10.. Anyone joining after the beginning of May and up to the end of September will pay £6. Anyone joining after September may be 'visitors' until the AGM when the annual subscription is due.


1. The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson,   Secretary, Treasurer and one other member.

2. There may be up to two co-opted members or non-voting posts as the   Committee deems necessary. The Chairperson has a casting vote if 

   required. Committee decisions shall be by majority vote.  
3.   Meetings shall take place twice a year, in the spring and in the    autumn prior to the AGM, with additional meetings as necessary.
4.   Each Committee member shall serve for a year and, where possible,   stand for re-election after this time. In the event of several members

   standing down together it is desirable that at least one shall remain   to ensure continuity.

5.   It is considered desirable whenever possible that the Chairperson   should step down to become the fifth member of the team and the   newly elected member should become the Vice Chairperson for the   same year.

6.   Expenses will be verified and reimbursed by the Chairperson,      Secretary and treasurer at Committee meetings. Signature required on  receipt.

Annual General Meeting

1.  An Annual General Meeting shall be held in November following at least six weeks notice. Members to be invited to submit items for discussion in advance of the meeting, an Agenda will then be drawn up and given to members two weeks before the AGM.

2. The Treasurer shall submit the Accounts to an agreed impartial accountant at the end of September.

3. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the written request of at least four Members.


In the event of dissolution, all group monies in the account shall be donated to a charity agreed by the Committee.

Signed by the Chairman
Amended March 2018