Wordwrights of Titchfield

Notes from meeting 05.03.2020 

Rosie Robertson         Sue Whitehead           Eileen Everitt             Jo Gander 

        Tina Shaw           Emaleen Hunt             Trish Ward    Sue Spiers

No apologies for absence were received 

1.     The Anthology

The selection committee are meeting at the Centre following our usual meeting. They need more contributions, particularly of stories. We have added a further season: the season of love, so contributions please,

Discussion took place on the best layout for prose items. And inset first line of each paragraph was chosen, the rest to be blocked, to give a neater overall effect.

 2.     Future challenges:

19th March     Weather – with a seasonal theme       Sue S

2nd April         Precious metal - Rosie

3.     Web site

Emaleen will be happy to put new contributions on the site. The intention is to change the examples of both our prose and poetry work at the end of each month.

If no new examples are offered we will use items from the previous Anthology. 

There being no other business, the meeting closed with an explanation of the FOG index by Sue Whitehead with a trial run using the work from our Weather with a seasonal slant.

Eileen Everitt 

5 March 2020

Due to the Caronavirus emergency, all meetings are cancelled for the foreseeable future. 



Wordwrites of Titchfield

Notes from meeting 6th February 2020


In attendance:

Rosie Robertson   Sue Whitehead    Jo Gander   Eileen Everitt

Sue Spiers      Emaleen Hunt    Tina Shaw

Apologies for absence received from Trish Ward; Rosa Johnson


The Anthology

A few contributions have been received. Please send any you have sooner, rather than last minute.

  • It was suggested that the subjects for meeting challenges from March onwards should be suitable for inclusion in the Anthology.

  • Time lines:

  • Items sent via e-mail (or g-mail) to Eileen up to the third week of July

  • Hand written items and typed items which for some reason CANNOT BE SENT VIA E-MAIL must be sent by the end of June.

  • Proof reading: by sub-committee in the first instance and then given to Rosie to double check.

  • Final compilation of the book: Eileen and Rosie


 Future challenges:

20th February: A love story – Sue W

5th March: Water, with a seasonal theme - Emaleen

19th March: Weather – Sue S



Web site  

  • Emaleen has agreed to assist with running the website and has stayed on for a first training session with Eileen.

  • Contributions are needed for the current work page. If not enough items are offered, it was agreed we will use items from previous anthologies, providing the authors are still members of Wordwrights and are happy to have their work included.

Eileen gave advanced warning that she will be leaving the Group after the summer break.  


There being no other business, the meeting closed with a 50 word challenge set by Rosie – subject was Romance.


Eileen Everitt

6th February 2020