Our Members, their ambitions and achievements

Our Members, their ambitions and achievements

Eileen's first serious attempt at commercial writing was in 2004. She decided to put together a history of the development of the village she loved for the benefit of future generations. This was well received and thus encouraged, she moved into short stories - several of which have been accepted for magazines. This unexpected achievement encouraged her to try writing a novel - based in that very village, obviously - and this was completed after three years and is now doing quite well on Amazon both as a paperback and electronic edition.

Harold listed his activities as only a retired school teacher would!
Favourite activity: Improving things
Favourite model I have made: King's Lynn Custom House, constructed when he was recovering from depression in the 1990s.
Favourite place: His lovingly created back garden.
Favourite quotation: "Love means staying up  all night with either a very sick child or a very fit adult.                           
He says  he has done half of this....

Having twice fallen through the educational net, Lorraine found reading and writing uncomfortable. Then, for years she was lost in chronic illness; unable to find words or think in straight lines. On better days, she made notes; these became poems.
Since then. she has embraced the written/spoken word: gaining a GCSE English grade 8 reciting her work for open mics, pain groups, charity gigs, literary festivals and local radio, including BBC. Radio Solent

Rosie has always loved words, starting with school essays. Her choice of genre, as they say, is poetry and short stories, including coffee break stories.
There are many activities that interest Rosie, but creatively, writing. is her favourite.  

she's never had anything published as she has never chosen to submit her work. She just loves to write.

Sue S
Sue started writing poetry when working on an Open University course in Literature.  Her final assignment was 10 poems on the theme of the Ages of Man. Her first published poem was in 2012 and subsequently  she has gone from strength to strength. There is a bench in Romsey with one of her poems carved on it by artist Nicola Henshaw and a mural along side Romsey canal with images from the poem.

Sue W

Sue has been writing for many years and started as an antidote to exams. and factual stuff. I produce short stories, (about 4 a month) and dream of creating  a novel. I enjoy doing research on writing methods.


Tina is mostly inspired to write poetry these days. She is working on an anthology. It is a work in progress and maybe one day it will be published. Her real passion is art, which tends to predominate.  All paintings she produces have a Japanese theme and can include animals, plant life, landscapes and very occasionally portraits.

Trish's family emigrated to South Africa after WW2, taking with them two young Jersey bulls who became the foundation of a pedigree dairy herd/. Trish remained in South Africa for over 40 years.

In Zimbabwe Trish grew mushrooms and asparagus, which she canned. To market her produce she became a pilot, flying being the safest way to travel in a country beset by terrorism - she had many adventures.

Trish intends to write about her life in Africa but this is on the back burner.  The discipline of twice monthly Wordwrights assignments ensures she does keep writing.

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