Bedworthy A novel set in a West Country town
The List  A novel about a man with a terminal illness fulfilling his wish list

Both novels are available through Amazon


Mel's Safe Haven Electronic version £2.70; paperback version £3.92 available through Amazon


   Melody Grainger is a beautiful young widow who finds herself homeless and impoverished, with twin four year old sons to care for. 

   Her late husband’s cousin prepares to move into her life. He plans to marry Mel in order to secure his control of the considerable financial

   loan her husband had handed him. Having lost her home, Mel moves into her late aunt’s run down cottage on the Essex coast. She will need 

   all the help she can get. Perhaps Mr. Smooth Chocolate could hold the answer?

The Adventures of Caticus Children's book, Electronic version only  £3.00

   The adventures of a very naughty farm cat.