The  visit in January of Michael Monaghan

Michael has had a varied and productive writing career. He began as a journalist, and then wrote short stories for popular magazines. He moved into television, both BBC and ITV and wrote several scripts for children's programmes. Recently, he has published a couple of novels with Anderson and he has published his autobiography to encourage other would-be writers..

Our visit to Locks Heath Day Centre in March

This was a return visit. Our  morning of readings started with informal chat with everyone there over a welcome cup of tea or coffee before reading an assortment of stories and poems. We certainly enjoyed our visit and hopefully so did the staff and clients of the Day Centre.

Our Summer Lunch in August

Fortunately the weather was kind and we had a very enjoyable casual lunch at the Chairman's house in Hill Head.. Not everyone could make it for various reasons, mostly health related. We hope most of our writers will be able to be at the September meetings - we have lots to discuss!