On 7th February we were delighted to welcome Della Galton to our meeting. Della has built up a most successful career around the many skills she has developed through her love of writing. We learned about the many failures - and  successes - and much more.  She also gave us a workshop on flash fiction, allowing us only a few minutes to write the beginning of a story we could use later.

Whilst going round the room talking through our efforts, she unintentionally demonstrated how to give an interesting  and  constructive critique to each and every one of us.  All in all a brilliant afternoon.

On 21st February we were joined by Jim Woods. Jacqi received quite a few comments following the event and the consensus was that we will be able to develop and use some of the techniques and devices illustrated in our own writing, both poetry and prose..

On the 16th May we were so pleased to be visited by Helen Milne, who is a professional editor working under the name of Victoria Milne. Helen gave an excellent presentation on how we should structure our work and very helpfully gave us all sheets of instructional guidelines illustrated by a well known fairy story. We now have no excuse for not producing brilliant work!! 

Our summer lunch this year took place in Eileen's home in Catisfield Lane. We enjoyed very good weather - very good food and of course excellent company! Hopefully all members will be back in September, full of inspiration for the winter season. More pics on the extra page.