What will remain for you to find when we are gone?

Heaped in piles there will be detritus, the residue of our lives

It will remain as the sum total of our legacy.

In corners, fields, woods, even beneath the seas.

With little thought we cleverly built in 'obsolescence'

Thereby invalidating the very essence

Of a basic wish to repair and maintain

the useful tools producing the joy and happiness we gained.

All the cars,, the videos, Computers galore

We used them all and many more.

The American scrapers reaching to the sky

Cut out the light which is necessary to life,

Leaving us scuttering in shadows deep

From every Mall to Supermarket

Garnering supplies of food to keep

And pile more and bigger stacks of trash

Heaped higher and wider than the last.

The wheelie bins now enable us

To trundle waste to distant dumps

Left there to hide and to ignore.

Such sadness will be in hearts and faces

Aghast at all the sights revealed

When you encounter our gift to nature

The debris of selfishness concealed

Beneath our indulgent hedonistic living

Has your future thus been sealed?

The Twinsby Sylvie Whitaker

They were born like peas in a pod. Their Mother had difficulty knowing them apart. At school Len sometimes did sport for Geoff. When they sang in church, the whole congregation admired their angelic little faces. Except that Len laughed sometimes, couldn't help it.

When they were older, they dressed a little differently when it was their own choices, but funnily shopping separately, they often returned with exactly the same style. Nothing fazed them until their ballroom dancing activities began. They were both good with different styles. Len was very flamboyant, Geoff was more conservative and correct.

The local Dance Hall held the yearly Plaza Big Dance and Geoff went along as usual. Len was training for a bicycle road race that night. Geoff came home truly floating on clouds. He had met the girl of is dreams. Rd hair, Irish eyes, a good laugh and could dance as well. they talked about her as they ad their good night drink.

The following Saturday Geoff had the big date. He was called from work to 'sett' a machine needing attention, being the only one capable. He was floored, he was seeing Iris for the second time, and was afraid she might finish up with the Plaza professional dancer. Len offered to go instead, wearing Geoff's jacket. They compared notes on what would be the best idea, and off he went.

He was quiet after the evening, telling Geoffwhat a great girl she was even having  made arrangements for Geoff for a future date. Iris hadn't remarked and keppt calling him Geoff all night.

After that date, Geoff was a bit quiet. He still had wonderul things to say about Iris, and asked Mother if he could bring her home for tea.

The day arrived, no mention of Len substituting Geoff that night. Iris was indeed very pretty, and well dressed. Mother liked her when Geoff brought her into the sitting room, introducing her to Len and the others. She nearly collapsed looking from one to the other. Len smiled really broadly at her, and welcomed her in. She was very quiet during the evening looking from one to the other.

Standing up, looking towards Len, "You came to the dance that night didn't you?"

Geoff was embarrassed. "I didn't think you would know, but I had to work and didn't want you disappointed. Len is a good dancer, so we thought as long as you enjoyed yourself it would be OK."

"Oh! I enjoyed myself OK. Len is a good dancer, I was surprised how much you had improved. Then last time it wasn't the same."

Len made a joke of things as usual. "I'll give him some lessons for next time."

More embarrassed, Geoff stood up getting her coat, taking her home. Next dance night, things were difficult. The boys argued until Mum said "Be quiet."

"Len cut in so many times tonight, it spoiled the evening."

Len only smiled, but a few weeks later Iris had changed partners, and Geoff was the one without a dance partner. Len and Iris married within six months.

Geoff didn't date another girl for ages, taking his sister (little me 15 yrs ol) with him often and then took ten years before getting married, though he always claimed his wife was the better choice in the end. This is why I was such a good dance, always partnered when I went out, chaperoned safely with men my brothers could trust, and often paid for when I couldn't have afforded to go. Happy days.

The above is an excerpt from 'Memoirs" being compiled at the moment.