WordWrights of Titchfield 

Annual General Meeting 7th November 2019


In attendance:            

Jo Gander, Treasurer Eileen Everitt, Secretary

Rosie Robertson  Rosa Johnson

Emaleen Hunt   Sue Spiers

1.                 Apologies for absence were received from Tina Ward, Sue Whitehead and Lorraine Close.

 2.           Minutes of the AGM dated November 2017 were accepted as an accurate record of that meeting and in the absence of      the then Chairman were signed off by the Secretary

 3.        Matters arising

     No items have been received for this section.

 4.                 Annual Reports

     Annual Reports of the Secretary and Treasurer were read and have been attached to the master copy of these Minutes.

      The Treasurer presented the Balance Sheet for the year 2018/2019 which showed a balance of £530.61.

 5.             Items for discussion

 5.1    Committee:  Rosie was unanimously confirmed as the new Chairman of Wordwrights and Rosa as the Vice Chair. Sue Ward     to be asked to take the non-voting position on the Committee.

 5.2    Christmas (Autumn) lunch  Final numbers needed at the next meeting. Eileen to notify the venue of expected numbers.

 5.3    New Anthology

     The possibility was discussed and generally approved. Further discussion to be at the autumn Committee meeting,     particularly whether a theme is needed and the issue of whether ex members should be invited to submit.

Eileen Everitt

November 2019

Future challenges:
21 November  A breath of fresh air
5th ~December A Christmas story NOT A BIBLICAL ONE PLEASE - Eileen
16th January  Over the hill -- Rosa