WordWrights of Titchfield


Notes from the meeting on the 17th October 2019


  Apologies were received from Sue W and Lorraine. As Trish set the challenge for this afternoon, she also took the chair and organised additional   activities, which were very well received.


  1.     The Annual Winter meal: Eileen confirmed that a table has been booked for the 28th the Weatsheaf. Arrive from 12 noon 

    and sit down at 12.30. It is expected that we will be given the menu available in advance, as some members are not local.


  2.     Web Site: Eileen asked for Tina’s poem produced for to-day’s challenge and Rosa’s poem produced for the previous meeting’s challenge

     for the web site. 

  3.     AGM: To reiterate – The challenge is Headless Chicken – which must contain the words Arcane; clandestine, confluence 

    gallimaufry gnomic, dissipate, largess, plethora, profligate and allegory.


  4.     Future Challenges

   Are as set out in the previous notes:


·       7th November is the AGM plus Headless Chicken - Rosie

·       27th November : A breath of fresh air

·       5th December A Christmas story or poem (can be longer than usual as there will be no business) - Eileen

·       16th January “Over the hill” – Rosa



Eileen Everitt 

17 October 2019