At the last AGM it was decided that during the year a different member will have the task of hosting a meeting and selecting a challenge. Additionally, each member will be allocated a month for which they will select the story and poem for the website.

Coming up:

1st August  The Summer Lunch - this year to be hosted by Eileen at 36a Catisfield Lane. As last year, anyone may bring a partner. (I will put the usual red balloon in the hedge to help you find the house! I hope nobody is allergic to Orchids...)

5th September 
A 3D poem or short story. The shape to be agreed  at this meeting. The poem or short story to be produced on the 19th September for the Show & tell challenge.
3rd October A
100 word story incorporating these words in this order:

she; produced; how; writer; her; weak; that; words; first; an; heroine; grenadier; looming! 
17th October Easy peezie lemon squeezie - a volunteer to lead please

7th November AGM

21st November A breath of fresh air - who to lead?

5th December A Christmas story/poem - Eileen to lead