Notes from meeting 16th January 2020


 In attendance:

 Rosie Robertson         Rosa Johnson

 Jo Gander                   Eileen Everitt

 Sue Spiers                   Emaleen Hunt

 Tina Shaw                   Trish Ward


 Apologies for absence received from Sue Whitehead, Lorraine Close 

 1.     The Anthology

·       The title to be The Seasons – To widen the scope of the items chosen, additional sections like 

  “The Silly Season” “The Christmas Season” “Humour” to be added to the normal list

·       The sub-committee which will read and select the work to be included is Sue Spiers; Emaleen Hunt

   and Trish Ward – operative immediately.

·       Time lines:

   Items sent via e-mail (or g-mail) to Eileen up to the third week of July

   Hand written items and typed items which for some reason CANNOT BE SENT VIA E-MAIL 

  must be sent by the end of June.

·       Proof reading: by sub-committee in the first instance and then given to Rosie to double check.

·       Final compilation of the book: Eileen and Rosie


 2.     Normal Committee Spring meeting: Date to be left in abeyance for the time being.

 3.     Web site

 a)     Emaleen has agreed to assist and will get together with

   Eileen in February

 b)     Contributions are needed for the current work page. Eileen would like ALL the Over the Hill readings to be    put on, so please e-mail to me if you would like yours included.

 4.     A couple of our members reported publishing successes. Well done to them; perhaps next time we could see    some!


There being no other business, the meeting closed with a word challenge produced by Rosie, which included a pogo stick apropos Tuesday..!


Eileen Everitt

16th January 2020