Notes from the meeting of 18th October 2018

The only apologies were from Sue and Jo, both of whom should be back for the next meeting.

Our prospective member, Lorraine Close joined us for her third visit, at the end of which in line with the revised section on our Constitution document she was invited to become a full member of the group.

We had a busy Agenda, as is normal at this time of the year.

1.         Christmas tree project.

            Although we all agreed that it was a good idea to get our group better known in the village, after discussion it was agreed that we would not decorate a tree of the Church competition. This was mostly because the trees are only to be displayed for 3 days .

2.         The Winter/Christmas lunch

            It was agreed that the first of our chosen dates, 22 November, suited most members and the Secretary will duly notify the Wheatsheaf of our decision,

3.         It was agreed that Jacqi should join the Committee and become Chairman when Harold steps down at the AGM. The Committee will meet directly after the group meeting on the 1st November.

4.         Current challenges

1st November               Halloween       Rosie

15th November             The missing or wrong letter       Rosa

6th December               Forgotten presents       Rosie


5.                 Web site contributions

Rosa to provide for November

Rosie to provide for December


It was also agreed that due to the very high standard of our current work, more should be put on the web site. Two items in particular were selected from the afternoon’s work. These to be emailed to me as soon as possible.


Eileen Everitt